YouTube Viral Videos About Doomsday 2012

Internet played a big part in spreading information fast and detailed. I personally think that is why it is so easy for everyone now to create buzz on a certain topic. Gone are the days that TV, Radio and print is where people get the latest updates. Is this good for our society? well for me the answer is always objective to each and everyone of us. Technology is taking a big role in our society and internet is now ruled by “Social Buzz”. With the booming of different Social Networking communities, it is easier to voice out on a certain topic. Today is no different where “Viral Marketing Concept” was widely practice by many. December 21, 2012 was predicted to be the Doomsday according to Mayan Calendar and other astrological basis. Is it a hoax or is it for real? Well it’s not for me to tell until we finished this day right? But having this one as a hot topic made me want to know a little more about it. So where do I go to get a fast and entertaining information about it? Well that’s simple, YouTube! There are different videos surfacing about the Doomsday 2012 keyword and found this three that got lots of hits.


So let me share this 3 videos to everyone to get yourself informed and entertained. Hoax or not, this is a pretty good example of how viral marketing works well in the internet. Whether your promoting a certain cause or just advertising “Social Buzz” can really push you a long way.

Planet X Nibiru Nasa 2012 Doomsday Info Leaked | 3,336,441 Hits (12|21|2012)


2012 Dooms day Predictions Happening Right Now.wmv | 1,417,584 Hits (12|21|2012)


2012 Mayan Doomsday Prediction | 859,841 Hits (12|21|2012)


About Yeh Dalag

An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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