Coca Cola New Ad Campaign Against Obesity

Coca Cola isa well known cold beverage brand in the market started 2013 by launching an ad campaign against obesity in the United States. It created a buzz in the media world since soda beverages are one of the leading cause of Obesity with it’s cholesterol and sugars per serving. So it was not surprising for some people to call this campaign as a gimik to advertise and use a certain cause.

Coca Cola Against Obesity

Coca Cola are famous as one of the biggest advertising brand in the market through their worldwide success and a large variety of beverage products. When this brand release a new ad all head will turn to see what new big idea will they push to the market.  Coca Cola’s brand persona is fun, active to their community, family oriented, good friend to hang out with and a established name that consumers trust dearly. I was not really surprised to see this new campaign by them and as always they are really keen into details. For sure they know that they will make some eyebrows raise that’s why they make sure to present the idea clearly. They are not washing their hand by saying that Coke is cholesterol and sugar free. But rather they say that they are pushing to make sure that people can enjoy Coke without worrying about it’s negative side effects. Investing good amount of money to come up with healthy sources of sweetener and creating small servings to limit the soda intake. Also as presented they also have other beverages under the same company that are fruit juices for consumer’s healthier option. For me this is not another Gimik, this is their way of addressing concerns coming from consumer insight. Products are effective and will continuously grow when they address their market needs. Coca Cola knows that people are being more health conscious now and they just showed that they are not going against it. Rather they’re updating their products to answer the market’s demand.

Check out this video explaining more about the new Coca Cola campaign against obesity and be the judge of it. Expect numerous materials to be release regarding this ad campaign through out the whole year. Also you can visit their site: COMING TOGETHER


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An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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