Love is in the Ads (Valentines Edition)

“Love is in the air!” that is the usual cheesy line you’ll hear over and over again during the love month. February is the season where expensive chocolates and flowers are suddenly available to almost all convenient store near you. This is like Christmas for all the hopeless romantics out there where they have the license to be bold and extravagant. But in a business man and marketing person perspective, this is a great season to market or sell their product. Marketing people must know their consumers and always be up to date with the important events mostly celebrated. Next to Christmas, I personally think that February is the season where a lot of gifts are being given out. Where people buy expensive stuff to show the person they love how generous they can be.  A season where it taps a certain business sectors like restaurants, flower shops, gift stores, candy corners and others. So with this large range of sectors only means more advertising push and special promos to boost more income. Since this is the month where people tend to be so generous and go beyond their usual monthly budget.

So I had an idea of gathering some awesome Valentines Day ads and show how creative the marketers can be for the season of love. Would they go for the mushy stuffs, sweet nothing, simple greetings or extravagant out of the world concept? I am actually excited to see what’s out there this love month and eager to share it to everyone. Because I am a 100 percent sure that love is in the ads for the month of February. Color the street with red and showering the world with a lot of happy hearts.

tampac valentines day ad

flower shop outdoor ads

car rentals valentines day ad

Well I hope those Valentines day ads gave you a romantic feeling inside. And keep in mind that it’s always fun to celebrate love. Whether if it’s love for your family, romantic love, love for a friend or just simply loving yourself. It comes in different packages but at the end of the day all of it matters. Apparently love is what makes us humans and with that we should always celebrate it. As one of the most favorite quote from the movie Mulan Rouge say “The greatest thing in this world is to love and to be love in return.” And for marketers out there, it’s never too late to express love in the ads for your upcoming marketing campaign. Happy heart month to everyone!


About Yeh Dalag

An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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