2013 Superbowl Ads | Budweiser Black Crown: Celebration

Superbowl Ads are famous to in the field of advertising due to the fact that it is an awaited event for most people in the industry. Since the whole world has it’s eyes focus to this event this is a great place to target a wide range of audience in a short span of time. Also this is known to be one of the most expensive event to place an ad so the material should better be worth it.

From out of the box ideas to fun and sassy that’s what you’ll expect in this event. The ad that will be remembered the most will surely create a viral marketing effect through the internet. So I decided to run this whole week some of the ads that was launch in this year’s Superbowl event. Starting it out with a simple yet with an angst commercial from Budweiser Black Crown entitled “Celebration”.

“The loud, the savvy, the famous. It took all of us to taste and choose the new Budweiser Black Crown. Our kind of beer. A golden amber lager to match our night. The smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.”

Song: Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John

Aired in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, air date Sunday February 3, 2013. (source)

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA

Budweiser showing their serious side through this ad where they launch a new product under their well know brand. Showing how Budweiser Black Crown fit in to the market. Targeting sassy people and encouraging them with the lifestyle of beer drinking. This commercial shows that Budweiser can also fit in with the classy type of target audience and showing off it’s angst through the color of black.

I personally think that targeting an upscale market is a pretty great move for this brand. Because tapping an audience where scotch, cocktails and wine as their go to drink in a party shows that it’s a great position to promote beer drinking. Being  a famous beer brand gives the product an edge when it come to quality and taste. Also my most favorite aspect from this ad is the rocks star vibe that was translated trough it. You can see that they are targeting the strong, classy and sophisticated men/women out there. People in the upscale community who are not afraid to try something different and choosing a drink that is not  the usual choice for that kind of scene. Also the black feel in it makes it look tasteful, sophisticated yet with strong persona.


About Yeh Dalag

An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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