Social Media Superstars: Cats and Dogs

Social Media has evolved to something more fun and entertaining nowadays. Where photos and videos usually gets the most share, tweet and regram in famous social networks. But in my personal point of view the biggest group who became superstars in the social media era are the cats and dogs.

People are easily attracted to cute little things and always eager to share it to everyone.  And who can ignore a cuddling puppy photo, an amusing cat video and a dog wearing funny costumes.  This is the best way to spread smiles and cuteness in the world-wide web.  Allow me to share my favorite Cats and Dogs photos or videos that made it big in social media.

Meet MARU and his box of antics! 

A Scottish Fold cat in YouTube who has the funniest and cutest videos. He already have 371,516 subscribers and 223,754,092 views as of today.

Now this one made me laugh out loud. Moire the stalking Cat. 

Catch more amusing videos from Moire  through this website As of today this YouTube channel has 65,979 subscribers and 89,335,205 views.

Here’s my favorite Husky MISHKA talking to her family. 

She also have 2 lovely fur siblings Moki and Laika. Guess dogs and human can really communicate.

I really love this awesome family. As of today Mishka’s YouTube channel has 472,278 subscribers and 376,758,613 views after 5 year run.  She has been invited to many TV shows and well-known as the “Dog that can talk”.

Schoep the lovely dog who touched our heart.

Schoep and John

Schoep and John Photo in the water shows the immense love they have for each other. As John do his best to give Schoep a lovely life until the dying days. Their Facebook page already reached 320,033 likes as of today.

Meet BOO! The world cutest dog who made a lot of netizen say “awww….”

Tards, the Grumpy Cat and his memes.

Last but not the least is the Facebook empire official Dog, BEAST!

mark zuckenberg dog

This was a fun blog post for me and took a long time because I kept on watching the cute videos. So next time you search for the hashtag  “#cute” don’t be surprise to see one of this darlings.

Social Media for me is a mirror of our lives and how we want it to be. It’s a way for us to communicate and now be entertained.  I’m not surprise to see this lovely cats and dogs rise into stardom. Because they have been one of the best things in this world. Once in your life you’ll experience unconditional love when you allow this little creatures to ba a part of your home.


About Yeh Dalag

An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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