Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

One late afternoon, a co-worker of mine shared a P&G video giving honor to the entire mom’s out there. Showing that behind every champion is a mother who raised them and believed in their dreams. This actually hit closely to my heart being in my situation right now. I remember the feeling of being a kid who aimed to make her mother proud. In some point in our lives there are those moments that the opinions that matter the most are from your parents. That’s why seeing this video reminded me the dream that I never got to achieved.

Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

During my college years I was mentored to produce commercials that will hit home to the audience. As my awesome professor always say “when your target consumer saw your material you must make sure that it may seems like that the ad is talking to them”. By doing that, you’ll get more chance to make them listen to your marketing message. By that moment, it made me realize why taking up advertising is not a mistake. I did excel in my school years then and dreamed that someday to conceptualize an ad that will touch the heart of many. That’s why seeing this heartwarming Video Ad from P&G made me smile because even when I was not given the chance to pursue my dream in advertising, there are those people who’s making a part of it come true.

Being a Letranite who finished advertising, values will always be an important factor for me. I know that advertising’s main objective is to produce more sales for the brand but it doesn’t mean that it should be tasteless. P&G is one of those companies who in my opinion always went for the high road and produced ads that actually hits home. Taking in a simple consumer insight and creating a big idea out of it. Always sticking to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rules and never taking off the class in it.

This is my way of paying tribute for brands like P&G who never fails to promote values and taste in all their advertisements. Also my salute for the advertising people who are an existing proof that our field is not all based on lies as some people perceived. Part of me will always want to be belong in this group of outstanding individuals. Because I know in my heart that advertising can promote good values to our society and contribute in making a better world. Now I’m sounding too pageantry, but this is just the passionate advertising graduate talking inside me. Attached below is the copy of the video that I was talking about, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


About Yeh Dalag

An advertising graduate and now in the field of social media marketing. I enjoy seeing the advertising world evolved into its full potential. More creative and insightful ads to share in the world wide web.

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