Social Media Fights Animal Cruelty

Social Media can be anything and last September it proves everyone how it can be used for something positive. The Filipino netizens was all troubled after seeing a video of a puppy that was being abused to death by 3 women. It was actually heart breaking to hear the poor creature cried for help, even my 2 dogs was not at ease when they heard it in the background. As an individual who loves animals dearly, I hated the 3 women in the video. But most of all, I feel super sad on how our society had become. I can’t focus while working after I got the glimpse of that clip and didn’t have the heart to finish it. This kind of scenario makes no sense, why do some people abuse animals that way and be proud of it.

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Many netizens did cry out for help and tapped animal organizations regarding this abuse. Even the local news channels where tag and people kept on reporting to PETA or PAWS. It actually warms my heart seeing how Filipino people reacted to this issue and to know that I’m not alone with this fight to give animals a better well-being. Though I may not be a volunteer yet, I try to make sure to start it with my 2 dogs at home. Because I believe that animals has the right to live freely and gain equal respect.

After creating a big social buzz regarding this animal abuse issue, it was reported on that same day to local TV news. According to the report, this type of video is called “Crush Video” and was used for sexual pleasure for some freaks out there. Sorry for the term “freak” though they say it’s a mental illness, I just can’t look pass how horrible this people are.

Well to make the long story short, this is just my way of sharing this Social Media story to the world. On how Social Media played a role on fighting animal cruelty and raising awareness to such issue. As a person working in the field of Social Media, I know many had look down to this medium. But let’s not look pass on some of the positive things that it brought us. 15 years ago, communication was limited and social awareness was low. But now we are just all one click away to finding out more about our society and actually sharing our own stand or opinion.

Lastly, though this talks about the video clip about the dog abuse, I chose not to attached it here in this blog post. Because I feel strongly against it and refuse to see it again. I prefer to share a letter from  PAWS requesting for further investigation regarding the said video. Showing immediate action for the said issue.

Social Media Fights Animal Cruelty

PAWS Letter of Request


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