Social Media Raising Awareness for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Victims

Last November 8, 2013, Philippines faced one of the strongest storms that ever hit land. The Filipino people were warned about this coming typhoon using the word “delubyo” to describe how strong it will be.  Today is the 10th day since the storm hit my country and you still see in the news how big are the damages Visayas region got from it. Communication was one of the challenges the victims and their family had to face. It was a torture for most not to know if their loveones had survived the devastation.

The world is one with us as we watched the updates about the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. CNN reporter such as Anderson Cooper had been active in the field of Tacloban (one of the badly hit cities in Visayas Region) and even updates everyone through his social media accounts. He showed the world how Filipinos had survived the storm and showcasing the attitude that we will never give up. Also I personally believe that this coverage had raised awareness and evoke people all over the world to offer our little yet strong country a helping hand.


I also salute the efforts of our local network giants that have been actively updating us and encouraging people to help out even in our own simple ways. ABS-CBN had come up with this awesome idea to sell shirts and promote positivity to all Yolanda victims coining the copy “Tulong na, Tabang na, Tayo na”, giving all the proceeds to Yolanda victims. Celebrities of the Kapamilya network got to perform last weekend for a charity concert in line with the “Tulong na, Tabang na, Tayo na” campaign with a full packed Araneta.

ImageImageImage Photo Credits: ABS-CBN Facebook Page


As you go through Social Media you’ll see the different efforts from private individuals showing their support to all the Typhoon Yolanda’s victims. Inspirational banners, news updates, words of encouragements, tips on how to donate and many other stuffs to raise more awareness on how to help out.


Lastly, Social Media served as watch dogs to make sure that our government is doing their job. I think if you live in the Philippines you know how corruption had made our people suffer. Now Filipinos are actively sending their sentiments on how our government is handling the situation. I personally think that Social Media gave the people a big favor by giving them the power to express their opinion. Also to continuously remind the government officials to do their job well.

It will take months before the people can fully recover from this devastation but one thing’s for sure is that we will never give up. Philippines is a strong country regardless of all its flaws. Filipino people have the biggest heart that promotes a “can do” attitude. We live our life with a smile each day no matter how big our problems are. I will always be a proud Filipino even we are not an abundant country still our culture and values is world class.


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