Furry Christmas | Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

I just love animals and specially dogs. Since I have two lovely doxies of my own who keeps me company. I found this video “Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food” while browsing some of my favorite Facebook Page for doggy lovers like me. It features different animal clips as if they were singing in the tune of a Christmas carol but the best part about this cute viral video is it’s for a cause.

Iams is a dog food brand that also promotes animal shelter adoption. They have been using their marketing efforts through viral videos of animals on raising awareness for our dear furry friends who our in search of their forever homes. By watching their video, Iams had commit to give a shelter animal a meal for every clicks they get from their YouTube clips. I personally find their marketing strategy pretty awesome since they are able to promote their product and at the same time give back to their market. There are a lot of pampered fur babies all over the world but sadly there are more who suffers. So as a person who sincerely loves animals, sharing this clip is my simple way on helping out. Also to raise awareness on the rights of animals to be respected and love.

Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

There are other dog/cat food brands who are also giving back to those animals in need. Let us all promote the goodness in our society and support corporate businesses who knows how to give back. Because at the end of the day we are all creatures of this earth and must show compassion to one another.

I attached more video URLS related to this clip to share more smiles to everyone. Don’t forget to give your fur babies some yummy treats this blessed season. Because as the old saying goes “Until One has Love an Animal, Part of their Soul Remained Unawakened”

Merry Christmas to everyone from me and my to gorgeous fur babies.

Bubbles and Cooper 2013

Other cute animal viral videos to watch!

(Pets Gear Up for Iams Holiday Video Debut)

(Iams Asks Pets: What Do You Want for the Holidays?)

Visit Iams at http://www.iams.com/ and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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