My name is Ma. Erica So Dalag but I would appreciate if you’ll call me YEH instead.


5 Facts About me:


1. I love animals, specially dogs. I have 2 lovely Dachshunds at home keeping me company.
2. I aim to be a marketer not just a social media specialist. Now that I come of age and realize what 
career path to take, I chose to be an all around marketing personnel.
3. I’m a frustrated cook. I was supposed to be a Chef but chose a different path and pursue a 
four years diploma course.
4. I value hard work and honesty. I strongly believe that this is the hardest and best way
to succeed in life.
5. I love adventures. From camping out, travelling and taking chances, I feel like life should always
make you feel the adrenaline rush of going out of your comfort zone.
 Advertising & Insight Blog is an outlet for me to keep myself updated with advertising and its new trends. The basic reason that I started writing is to always keep my mind fresh with new ideas. I  do believe that having to study the field of Advertising helped me achieved my full potential when it comes to creativity and being confident.

I wish to share fun, innovative and inspiring ads to marketing people like me. When not writing, I share my free time with my two lovely dachshunds. I am also a SIMS avid gamer and a social media fanatic.

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