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McDonalds and Coca Cola #BETTERTOGETHER Ad Campaign

McDonald’s Philippines together with Coca-Cola recently launched a new ad campaign promoting real life connection between family, loveones and friends. As we all know Social Media has been a very important factor in everyone’s life nowadays regardless if you’re young or old. It has been a platform for people to stay connected to one another and get the latest updates in each other’s life. But let’s not forget the importance of being actually together with your family, friends and loveones. That  feeling you get when you hear a good laugh over a silly joke, take wacky photos and to be able to feel one’s presence through simple gestures. Though this is an era where internet and social media had been dominant, let’s not forgot the classic hangouts.

So this is why I super love the concept of the #BETTERTOGETHER ad campaign from McDonalds and Coca Cola because they manage to promote this classic value of real life connection using the concept of social media. Even their launch was very innovative and appealing. Using props and icons from our favorite social networks and transforming it to actual life size props.

Here are some photos I grabbed from McDonalds Philippines Facebook Page on their #BETTERTOGETHER launch.

10151965_643662405683023_354110362166882304_n 10152671_643662792349651_5357177506125803722_n 10154066_643662349016362_450191297336142332_n 10175026_643662875682976_8614784856496771765_n 10252146_643662289016368_6428345201612751403_n 1536506_643662669016330_1224271999985801714_n 1534308_643662665682997_8630093918302437481_n

And ofcourse with this ad campaign comes a new awesome food bundles to order from our favorite fast-food chain McDonalds. Introducing three BFF Bundles that includes all our favorites; choose between the BFF Burger Bundles, BFF Fries and Coke Float Combo and BFF Chicken Bundles. It’s hard not to love this new food bundles perfect for the group’s bonding time. But let’s not forget that the #BETTERTOGETHER campaign is backed up with a fun and awesome TV ad concept. The song will surely grow on you after watching it during your favorite show’s commercial breaks.


I hope you enjoyed this awesome ad brought to you by McDonalds and Coca Cola. Don’t forget to try out their BFF Bundles next time you hangout with your friends and loveones.


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Brand Wars: Mac vs PC to Samsung vs Apple

As consumers it is very hard to ignore when there are on-going brand wars specially if they are funding ads to showcase it. Two Giant tech companies with almost the same products will be my highlight for this blog post. This is inspired by a recent Samsung Ad I watched  promoting the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. I usually don’t finish an ad unless it has a good copy to start with and this one has. As a young professional I can relate to it but the best part is the surprise in the middle of the ad.

I know I’m watching a Samsung commercial so my first guess is to see their product behind the pencil that’s being highlighted at first. But this is advertising and people need to think out of the box! So what do I see next? An Ipad Air in a Samsung video. That’s really priceless and next is the time for the V.O. to showcase why Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is better than an Ipad Air. I attached the said commercial here so you can enjoy it too.

Wanna know my favorite part behind this ad’s concept? Well let’s just say that it looks really similar with the MAC vs PC ads released last 2006 that also had a lot of followings. Before Apple and Samsung there was a Mac vs PC rivalry. The Internet got big and PC manufacturers is one of the tech business who gained most out of this new technology evolution. Every home and office has a PC use for professional or educational purposes. Then Apple launched their MAC where it’s more compact, bigger memory, not prone to have viruses and to make the long story short a better version of a usual PC. Basically through this Mac vc PC ad they are doing direct comparison with the two said product. Watch one of the Mac vs PC ad below to see the concept comparison.

Well this is just my own opinion about the said two ad campaigns and I may be wrong about it. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to agree with me I guess if I say that both are equally entertaining. Also this type of ad tactics can help the consumers know more a  about the product comparison that may influence their decision making on what to buy. Brand Wars will always be present but let’s all just remember that’s how business works.


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Gotta Love Chevy’s 2014 Commercial “Maddie”

Earlier while eating breakfast, Chevy’s 2014 Commercial entitle MADDIE was feature in the news. It made me stop and watch because the host describe it as a heartwarming story about a girl and her dog. Since I have 100% fondness over mans best friend, I focus on this new commercial by Chevrolet. It will show you a journey of a precious friendship that lasted through the test of time.

2014 Chevy Commercial - Maddie

The scene started in the present where the woman needed to put her best friend dog to sleep at the Vet. Then it was followed by video clips going backward up to the day she got the little puppy and name her Maddie. At the last part of this video shows the ad’s copy “A bestfriend for life’s journey.”

Watching this won’t make you feel that this is an ad for a car brand. But personally, I like that it gives you that feeling. Ever since my college years, I was never a fan of commercialized ads. Though I do understand that every elements of the ad was always based on the target audience and the message it wants to convey. So having that thought  made me appreciate this ad more. It gives the brand an image of  having a huge heart that wants to be a part of their consumer’s daily life. Showing a brand that can be reliable and can be a great companion in all your life’s journey. Choosing to touch the heart of millions over selling their automotive excellence is really admirable. Because as a consumer that has a brief  background in advertising, you’ll want an ad that will be remembered and loved by your audience. Though the basic principle of adverting is it’s a creative idea that sells but emphasizing on the “CREATIVE IDEA” made the field advertising different from being a salesman. Because in this field, it’ll give you “Creative Freedom” to market your product and brand without doing what a salesman should do.

Well I hope you enjoyed this new Chevy ad  as much as I did. If you are a dog lover, it will be impossible for you not to love this one. The host in the news describe it as something too sad for a car commercial but for me I find it to have the equal elements of life itself. Life gets really tough and you will have good and bad days. But when all thing is said and done, at the end of the day it’s always better to have a bestfriend in your life’s journey.

14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

Superbowl is one of the most awaited sports event all over the world but it has been also famous because of all the premiering ads. Advertisers and businesses see this as an opportunity to showcase their awesome ads and gain millions of viewership. But not all can afford a 30 seconder ad placement that cost over $4 Million. So  if you’re going to invest that much amount, might as well make it worth every penny. Well known brands like Doritos, Coke, Microsoft, Toyota, Budweiser are some of the few who taken the challenge in this years Superbowl Advertising placements.

14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

In this post I wanted to share 14 Awesome Superbowl ads this year. Cute, Fun, Heartwarming and out of the box ideas were few of the words that can be use to describe Superbowl 2014 ads.

1. Budweiser, “Puppy Love” | Who wouldn’t find this story about a special friendship cute and heartwarming? ^_^


2. Audi, “Doberhuahua” | This ad from Audi shows an out of the box idea to explain the comparison.


3. Doritos, “Time Machine” | I’ve always loved Doritos Ads every year because of its simple humor that everyone gets.


4. Coca-Cola, “It’s Beautiful” | Now this one raise controversy but I like the concept though.


5. Kia, “The Truth” | Now here’s something you don’t see everyday! Fresh idea from Kia’s advertising team. Good Job!


6. H&M, David Beckham | Well who can resist the charm of this guy!


7. Budweiser, “A Hero’s Welcome” | Another heartwarming ad from Budweiser.


8. Toyota, “Big Game Ad” | I personally find this entertaining and fits it’s target audience.


9. Ford, “Nearly Double” | This one deserves a round of applause!


10. Microsoft, “Empowering Us All” | Great way to showcase technology’s contribution to our society.


11. Volkswagen, “Wings” | A great way to send out their marketing message.


12. Jeep Cherokee, “The Restless Man” | I personally think that this has one of the best copy from the bunch.


13. Axe, “War and Peace” | Now this one offers a surprise twist and the concept is timely.


14. Beats Music, “Super Bowl Ad” | Who doesn’t love Ellen!? The association of Goldilocks and Beats is a pretty cool concept too.


Hope you enjoyed this collection of 2014 Superbowl Ads us much as I did. And feel free to share your favorite too and tell us why you like it. Looking forward to next year’s batch of awesome ads to premiere.



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Loving the New Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad | The best of Sony for the best of you

Don’t we just all love Sony products? Recently I find no interest buying a new smartphone because of the fact that every second there’s a new model out in the market. But Sony Xperia Z1 got me excited with its awesome features. I’ve always wanted to buy a waterproof camera and having it as a phone is pretty cool too. Well besides the facts that this Sony gadget is a breakthrough, I also love its new TV ad.

I have this habit of watching an ad over and over when it appeals to me. This has all the elements of a TV advertisement that makes me feel happy. Combining consumer insights with a simple concept and backing it up with appealing background music and finishing with a strong copy. It only shows that simplicity and strong consumer insights are still the best formula to make people remember your ad.

Loving the New Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad | The best of Sony for the best of you

I personally think that this ad is timeless and represents how smartphones fit our generation today. Emphasizing how we love to capture special moments with a high-tech camera and it would be really nice if there are no boundaries to it. (This goes for the waterproof and dust proof features.) We also want our phone to be more mobile since we are always on the go. Being able to browse the internet without hassle and listening to our favorite music with high quality sounds. Now I bet this made you feel excited too right!? And the best part is that you are assured with the quality of the product because it is under Sony. We all know that when it comes to high quality gadgets and electronics you’ll never go wrong with Sony.

Well enough about me and my opinion about this Sony Xperia Z1 TV ad, check it out yourself by watching the attached video. Also visit your local electronic store and check out this new awesome smartphone in the market. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below about the ad and the new Sony Xperia Z1.

Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

One late afternoon, a co-worker of mine shared a P&G video giving honor to the entire mom’s out there. Showing that behind every champion is a mother who raised them and believed in their dreams. This actually hit closely to my heart being in my situation right now. I remember the feeling of being a kid who aimed to make her mother proud. In some point in our lives there are those moments that the opinions that matter the most are from your parents. That’s why seeing this video reminded me the dream that I never got to achieved.

Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

During my college years I was mentored to produce commercials that will hit home to the audience. As my awesome professor always say “when your target consumer saw your material you must make sure that it may seems like that the ad is talking to them”. By doing that, you’ll get more chance to make them listen to your marketing message. By that moment, it made me realize why taking up advertising is not a mistake. I did excel in my school years then and dreamed that someday to conceptualize an ad that will touch the heart of many. That’s why seeing this heartwarming Video Ad from P&G made me smile because even when I was not given the chance to pursue my dream in advertising, there are those people who’s making a part of it come true.

Being a Letranite who finished advertising, values will always be an important factor for me. I know that advertising’s main objective is to produce more sales for the brand but it doesn’t mean that it should be tasteless. P&G is one of those companies who in my opinion always went for the high road and produced ads that actually hits home. Taking in a simple consumer insight and creating a big idea out of it. Always sticking to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rules and never taking off the class in it.

This is my way of paying tribute for brands like P&G who never fails to promote values and taste in all their advertisements. Also my salute for the advertising people who are an existing proof that our field is not all based on lies as some people perceived. Part of me will always want to be belong in this group of outstanding individuals. Because I know in my heart that advertising can promote good values to our society and contribute in making a better world. Now I’m sounding too pageantry, but this is just the passionate advertising graduate talking inside me. Attached below is the copy of the video that I was talking about, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

2013 Superbowl Ads | Budweiser Black Crown: Celebration

Superbowl Ads are famous to in the field of advertising due to the fact that it is an awaited event for most people in the industry. Since the whole world has it’s eyes focus to this event this is a great place to target a wide range of audience in a short span of time. Also this is known to be one of the most expensive event to place an ad so the material should better be worth it.

From out of the box ideas to fun and sassy that’s what you’ll expect in this event. The ad that will be remembered the most will surely create a viral marketing effect through the internet. So I decided to run this whole week some of the ads that was launch in this year’s Superbowl event. Starting it out with a simple yet with an angst commercial from Budweiser Black Crown entitled “Celebration”.

“The loud, the savvy, the famous. It took all of us to taste and choose the new Budweiser Black Crown. Our kind of beer. A golden amber lager to match our night. The smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.”

Song: Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John

Aired in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, air date Sunday February 3, 2013. (source)

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA

Budweiser showing their serious side through this ad where they launch a new product under their well know brand. Showing how Budweiser Black Crown fit in to the market. Targeting sassy people and encouraging them with the lifestyle of beer drinking. This commercial shows that Budweiser can also fit in with the classy type of target audience and showing off it’s angst through the color of black.

I personally think that targeting an upscale market is a pretty great move for this brand. Because tapping an audience where scotch, cocktails and wine as their go to drink in a party shows that it’s a great position to promote beer drinking. Being  a famous beer brand gives the product an edge when it come to quality and taste. Also my most favorite aspect from this ad is the rocks star vibe that was translated trough it. You can see that they are targeting the strong, classy and sophisticated men/women out there. People in the upscale community who are not afraid to try something different and choosing a drink that is not  the usual choice for that kind of scene. Also the black feel in it makes it look tasteful, sophisticated yet with strong persona.

Kapuso and Kapamilya’s 2012 Summer Station ID

Excited to see the latest summer station ID from your favorite network? Well that goes for all the other Filipinos out there who have been always curious on what type of concept will the Kapuso and Kapamilya network will go for this year. I am personally a proud Kapamilya but I have to admit that GMA had gone a long way with their original and fresh concepts.

Well as we all wait for the unveiling of the 2013 Station ID of this two big TV networks, let’s look back on their last year’s Summer TVC. Let’s start with the Kapamilya network showcasing Ms. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson song entitled “Pinoy Summer Da Best Forever”.

ABS-CBN 2012 Summer Station ID

Last 2012 ABS-CBN used the Pinoy Fiesta theme with colorful splash of colors everywhere. Showing how fun and festive Filipino people celebrate their summer with friends, family and special someone. I’m sure most Filipinos will agree with me this that it’s really more fun to spend summer in the Philippines.  Good food, beautiful beaches, happy people and festive atmosphere. It just make you feel proud to be Pinoy.

GMA Network 2012 Summer Station ID

Now here’s GMA showing all Kapuso out there how to have fun in the sun.  There’s nothing more fun than partying and hanging out every summer. Children look at summer as vacation time so they can play all day. Some take the opportunity to splurge under the heat of the sun with cool vacation experience.

Now I’m more and more excited to see the 2013 Summer station ID for GMA and ABS-CBN! Making sure that they get to celebrate and be part of every Filipinos summer experience. Happy Summer to everyone!

Fresh Concept for Animated Videos

There are a lot of creative animators out there who never fails to leave us amazed with their awesome workmanship. Bringing impossible and out of this world concepts come to life with their technical skills. Animation has always been a fascination of mine because of the intensity of emotion and it’s awesome way of capturing a moment that felt so real. Who haven’t watch a animated film yet that didn’t get real emotion out of it? Based on my personal experience, I can never forget Monster Inc. by Pixars where I literally felt tears on the side of my eyes during the farewell scene.

But also there is the type of animated videos where you fascinate on the detailing and conceptualization behind it. The flawlessness and clarity of the video that gives opportunity for more interesting concepts. I was actually inspired to create a post about this topic because of the video I watched from FMX 2013 that serves as their trailer for this years convention. FMX is a conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia held at Germany. Let me share this video that got me smiling because of it’s flawless execution and simple concept to back it up. Originally, what made me click this video is the caption “Imagine if Wild animals Ate Fastfood”. But after researching it, then I found out that it’s original title is Rolling Safari. The goal of this video is more on the technical aspect of it’s creation rather than the strong concept that can back it up. I remember my College professor rule in conceptualization, always follow the KISS rule! (Keep It Simple Stupid) So let’s all check this video that has a simple concept behind it that backed up with strong animation skills.  Showing how FMX 2013 can be so interesting and insightful this year.

Screenshot from one of the scene at Rolling Safari animated video.

Screenshot from one of the scene at Rolling Safari animated video.

The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The 2013 trailer Rollin’ Safari was directed by Kyra Buschor, Ännie Habermehl and Constantin Paeplow and produced by Valentina Bruening and Philipp Wolf.

Rollin’ Safari tells the story of a crocodile’s attempt to attack flamingos which is complicated by the animals’ physique: Both the flamingos and crocodiles have a spherical shape that gets in their ways. The unusual, funny tale rapidly gains a momentum of its own. source

Hoped you enjoy this video as much as I did. If you have any suggestion or concept for my next blog post feel free to leave a comment or message me. Also I encourage more information circulation about FMX 2013 conference and other animated videos that will leave us a smile in our face.

The Top 5 Finalists of Doritos “Crash the Superbowl Contest”

Doritos is one of the famous and favorite chips in the market today. With a fun and free spirited brand persona, truly it captured the heart of the consumers. Also for an advertising graduate like me, this would be a fun project to work with. So that’s why I personally think that this “Crash the Superbowl Contest” where Doritos asks their loyal consumers to make a TV ad for them for the next Superbowl is a bright idea. And we all know how big is that event for big brands in the market and advertising world. The opening of the Superbowl got almost the whole America and rest of the world watching. Which made it one of the must go to ad placement event for your next ad campaign. But big exposure never comes cheap. People knows that different brands launched their newest TV commercials in the opening event and those ads are one of the best. Since getting to place an ad in Superbowl is really a stretch of a budget, advertisers makes sure that it leaves a lasting impact.

Doritos Nacho Cheese Snack

That’s why Doritos came up with this brilliant contest where they leave all the creation to their fans. If you are their follower that means you know how to speak their language. Having the ability to produce a TV Ad that portrays this famous brand persona.

Honestly I learned about this contest only 5 hours ago and I was only looking for the Goat video of Doritos I saw in the news. I find it funny and perfect topic for my next post but after looking for it in YouTube it ended me to this post. I’m not complaining though, the more the merrier. So here are the top five finalist for the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl Contest”. Don’t forget to vote your favorite and may the most awesome concept wins.

Doritos| Express Check Out


Doritos | Fashionista Daddy


Doritos | Fetch


Doritos | Goat 4 Sale


Doritos | Road Chip