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Awesome Tourism Campaign | It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Now that summer is almost over, I want to give tribute to our current tourism campaign here in the Philippines. Great job to whomever coined this copy “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” that surely appeals to foreign and balikbayan tourists. Our country is well known due to our amazing beaches and hospitable culture. So it’s no surprise that we can consider our homeland one of the best tourist destinations in the world. A gem that’s been waiting to be discover and rediscover.


We all know how tourism plays a big part in a country’s economy that’s why it’s a good idea for our government to launch a strong campaign to reach potential tourists. Having one of the best Summer weather and white sand Beaches like Palawan and Boracay that are both well known around the world.

Truth been told that there are other strong Asian destination campaigns out there, so it is a must for us to step up. And so we did by creating a good campaign entitled IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. Backing it up with an awesome and informative website plus simple yet appealing print/web materials. In an era of Social Media it is very important that your materials will be shareable to your target audiences. Catching their attention and leaving a lasting impression. So that’s why I personally think that this ongoing campaign really helped boost our country’s  tourism. Also there are new places like Baler and Camarines Sur that shows promising impact to all tourists both local and international.




Tourism creates jobs and helps local businesses expands to its full potential. So good job for the Department of Tourism for this awesome initiative. As a Filipino I believe with all my heart that regardless of all the negative issues happening here in my country, It’s still more fun in the Philippines.


Furry Christmas | Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

I just love animals and specially dogs. Since I have two lovely doxies of my own who keeps me company. I found this video “Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food” while browsing some of my favorite Facebook Page for doggy lovers like me. It features different animal clips as if they were singing in the tune of a Christmas carol but the best part about this cute viral video is it’s for a cause.

Iams is a dog food brand that also promotes animal shelter adoption. They have been using their marketing efforts through viral videos of animals on raising awareness for our dear furry friends who our in search of their forever homes. By watching their video, Iams had commit to give a shelter animal a meal for every clicks they get from their YouTube clips. I personally find their marketing strategy pretty awesome since they are able to promote their product and at the same time give back to their market. There are a lot of pampered fur babies all over the world but sadly there are more who suffers. So as a person who sincerely loves animals, sharing this clip is my simple way on helping out. Also to raise awareness on the rights of animals to be respected and love.

Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

Singing Pets Video by Iams Dog Food

There are other dog/cat food brands who are also giving back to those animals in need. Let us all promote the goodness in our society and support corporate businesses who knows how to give back. Because at the end of the day we are all creatures of this earth and must show compassion to one another.

I attached more video URLS related to this clip to share more smiles to everyone. Don’t forget to give your fur babies some yummy treats this blessed season. Because as the old saying goes “Until One has Love an Animal, Part of their Soul Remained Unawakened”

Merry Christmas to everyone from me and my to gorgeous fur babies.

Bubbles and Cooper 2013

Other cute animal viral videos to watch!

(Pets Gear Up for Iams Holiday Video Debut)

(Iams Asks Pets: What Do You Want for the Holidays?)

Visit Iams at and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Thank You Year of the Dragon

As I look back to the fond memories I have last year where it was supposed to be the time for me to shine. I was born in year 1988, year of the Dragon. That’s why I believe that part of my luck came from this powerful sign. I’ll claim it, that I’m made to be great. Not because I’m pretty or smart but rather for the reason that I adapt.

Before 2012 started I can remember how excited it was for me. I’ve made stupid decisions last 2011 and so I was hoping that 2012 is my year. A month ago I might wrote differently here and state how unlucky I was in my supposed to be “Dragon Year”. But now as I think of it, that’s when it came to me that I was never lucky. Luck was never the story of my life. I adapt and improve for my own well-being. My life is a journey and I was never too afraid to jump on a cliff just to know how scary it can be. The year 2012 was not a lucky year for me but it’s the year where I saw my worth. It’s the year where every wrong decision I made enlighten me to how valuable I’ve made myself.

Almost four years ago I was walking along Makati and Ortigas looking desperately for a job. I was a fresh graduate with a good record but no job experience. It was not easy being a fresh graduate and it landed me jobs just for the sake of salary. My passion and self worth was dying little by little then. But I suddenly found myself in an office doing a marketing related job. It gave me hope and specially when I met my first awesome boss in the personality of Shane Springer. He taught me a lot of things but the best lesson I got from him is to always be great on your job. After he left that company there’s no hope for me to level up there and so I got myself out. I wonder around for months until my next job which eventually made my career now came. It was not a perfect workplace but I found the best team there that shaped me professionally. After that job I got calls from companies that wouldn’t even notice me before. The dream jobs was right infront of me but I was not to careful. But I’ll always be thankful of all the blessing the year of the dragon has given me. I know that whatever happens and how ever my adventure goes. Things happens for a reason and I’ll adapt to what life throws at me.

So I want to say thank you year of the Dragon for all the wonderful opportunities you gave me.
Sorry because I might take some of it for granted and I’m hoping now that I’ll still be able to make it right. Thank you for the trials you gave me this year, I know I’ll be strong after. Thank you for giving me the saddest day of my life this year because then I know how to value the happy ones. Thank you for letting others call me lazy in the time I was giving my all. By then I learned to value my worth and realize that even how hard you try you’ll never please everyone. Thank you for the two lovely babies waiting for me to come home. And lastly I want to say thank you for giving me enough will to not give in to sad days.

2013 year of the snake

Happy New Year and may the year 2013 be a blessing to all!

Guys join churpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! Its really cool!

Guys join churpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! Its really cool!

Asian Country Shows their Insights Throughs Ads

There are a lot of Ads to see around the world and all of them represents a certain culture. Not all the advertisements made would be appreciated through out the world due to the fact that it was not made for everyone’s taste. Consumer insight is the foundation of a good campaign and with that you can’t have an armalite effect in your Ad, it should have a focus market to target instead. People will only buy the message in your ads once you show them that you are talking to them. It’s like standing in a group where you don’t answer or response when you are not part of the conversation. As my former professor always says in her lecture, the consumer must have this reaction when they saw your ad it must be as if it is talking to them. That’s when you get a good response from the consumers and it allows you to actually sell your product. I chose different Print ads from the Asian countries and I want you guys to analyze with me how this certain ad tells something about that country.


Chinese people have been known to have a “singkit” eyes, it had been their trademark .


This clever ad actually make people in Japoan bow when they read this one, since they put the copy in a lower portion of the canvas. Also we all know that Japanese bow their head as part of their culture to show respect.


Thailand have been known as one of the countries who have a lot of elephants in their area. They actually used them as part of their daily lives, where elephants helps them with their task. So if you found an elephant, possibly Thailand will be the first country you’ll remember.


Philippines had created a long lasting impression to the other countries after the Filipino people freed themselves to the Marcos regime. One woman have been very active in this freedom and also became the president of the country. But if you look back, that woman named COry Aquino fight Marcos governance after the death of the late Ninoy Aquino. Who have been now a big personality in the Philippines. This glasses had been his trademark and he represents democracy in the Philippines.

Ads & Eeehnsight First Timer

Hi! My name is Eeeh… This is my first blog and I have a lot of things to learn. My blog will talk about Ad Campaigns that in my opinion created its mark to the public. I personally love Ads, regardless of what medium used. I hope I can do those ads justice and I will invite my friends to help me give a more Eeeh…nsightful comments. I will actually do a weekly review of an Ad campaign and I hope to hear comments from you guys. Join me in this journey of mine and I’m always open for suggestions.