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Innovative Machine that Feed Dogs on the Street of Turkey

Here’s an innovative machine that is worthy of the saying “Just like hitting two birds with one stone.” A company from Turkey named Pugedon came up with an awesome idea that push two cause in one single concept. We have been taught by our government and other environmentalist to start recycling for the good of our mother earth. But Pugedon gives us another reason to recycle by allowing us to donate food to stray dogs. The idea is really simple, you need to donate plastic bottles and in exchange for that is an amount of food that will go straight to the pet bowl below the machine.

Dog Feeding Machine by Pugedon

Dog Feeding Machine

I imagine most of us had a dog in our home even once in our life. We all call them “Man’s Best friend”, that’s why I think this is a great motivation for anyone to support this idea. Why throw away your old plastic bottles if you can help a loving dog have a decent meal. Homeless dogs are an issue all over the world and they continue to grow. There are some public and private organizations that help decrease its number but it is a great challenge to put a roof over all the stray dogs head due to limited financial support.  So the next best thing is to help create a buzz for this Machine that helps feed homeless dogs. Even people with low income that passionately love animals can help out just by recycling their used plastic bottles.

Currently their campaign video has been wide spread in social media creating more awareness for this great cause. They also get free publicity by being part of the news online and local media. Here’s the video that introduces the dog feeding machine manufactured by Pugedon.

I hope that some big brands can support this cause and purchase a machine for it to be available worldwide. Promoting a habit of recycling and educating the public the value of being compassionate to animals.


Heartwarming “ATM (Automated Thanking Machine” Ad Campaign by TD Canada

One factor for a corporate business to succeed is to have loyal customers that are willing to spread the good words about their great products or awesome services. There are times that business people tends to overlook this important factor of their business success. But TD Canada is one of the few who actually taken a good amount of time to send their warmest gratitude to their valued customers through a heartwarming gesture.

ATM Automated Thanking MAchine TD Canada

Corporate Banks tends to break out from the “cold” image they have from the public’s perception. Investing millions in their marketing efforts, just to make sure that they’ll be able to create more personal relationship with their clients. This is where TD Canada had succeeded by running this “ATM Automate Thanking Machine” campaign. Taking the time to know their customers in a more personal level and using an ATM to interact with them. Giving their valued clients gifts that are appropriate to their needs and personality is a big plus. TD Canada also used the internet as their medium of sharing this awesome experience featuring their chosen clients and pushing the hashtag #TDThanksYou.

ATM Automated Thanking Machine

This only shows that business is not all about money. It’s also important to look back and be grateful of the people who had been part of your success. Also, I personally love companies who spent their marketing money pushing a certain cause or spreading goodness in their community. There is no denying that a little heartwarming gesture can surely go a long way. As of today (July 31, 2014) this “ATM Automated Thanking Machine” YouTube clip had already reached 2,969,409 views after being posted last July 24, 2014. This only shows that promoting kindness and gratitude will never be left unnoticed.

Innovative Eyes on the Road Ad by Volkswagen

We get that constant reminder by public and private organizations about road safety. We tend to ignore the prints, radio and even TV Ads that they produce due to it’s lack of appeal. But Volkswagen tried this innovative ad concept that will show people why they should always have their eyes on the road while driving. A closely similar situation was been showed to a group of movie goers who’s focused in a video clip in a drivers perspective. As they watch the clip, a location based broadcaster was installed in the cinema area sending a message to all movie goers. Everyone checked their phone and was shocked to hear a crashed. This is a very brilliant idea to showcase what will happen in real life if we took our eyes off the road even for a second just to check our phone. You can hear the movie goers reaction when the car crashed in the clip which is in my opinion makes this Eyes on the Road ad by Volkswagen truly innovative and effective.

I personally think that there are various elements that makes an ad works specially if you are pushing for a PSA. First is the simplicity of the concept. Remember that you are not there to explain all the details to your audience so never forget the K.I.S.S. rule in advertising. Second is that it must be relate-able, making the viewers feel that it’s exactly made for them. Lastly is the WOW factor, make them feel refreshed by sending your message in an innovative way. That’s why I really like this PSA from Volkswagen because I find it simple, relate-able and has a WOW factor. So thumbs up to all the brilliant minds behind this awesome ad.

McDonalds and Coca Cola #BETTERTOGETHER Ad Campaign

McDonald’s Philippines together with Coca-Cola recently launched a new ad campaign promoting real life connection between family, loveones and friends. As we all know Social Media has been a very important factor in everyone’s life nowadays regardless if you’re young or old. It has been a platform for people to stay connected to one another and get the latest updates in each other’s life. But let’s not forget the importance of being actually together with your family, friends and loveones. That  feeling you get when you hear a good laugh over a silly joke, take wacky photos and to be able to feel one’s presence through simple gestures. Though this is an era where internet and social media had been dominant, let’s not forgot the classic hangouts.

So this is why I super love the concept of the #BETTERTOGETHER ad campaign from McDonalds and Coca Cola because they manage to promote this classic value of real life connection using the concept of social media. Even their launch was very innovative and appealing. Using props and icons from our favorite social networks and transforming it to actual life size props.

Here are some photos I grabbed from McDonalds Philippines Facebook Page on their #BETTERTOGETHER launch.

10151965_643662405683023_354110362166882304_n 10152671_643662792349651_5357177506125803722_n 10154066_643662349016362_450191297336142332_n 10175026_643662875682976_8614784856496771765_n 10252146_643662289016368_6428345201612751403_n 1536506_643662669016330_1224271999985801714_n 1534308_643662665682997_8630093918302437481_n

And ofcourse with this ad campaign comes a new awesome food bundles to order from our favorite fast-food chain McDonalds. Introducing three BFF Bundles that includes all our favorites; choose between the BFF Burger Bundles, BFF Fries and Coke Float Combo and BFF Chicken Bundles. It’s hard not to love this new food bundles perfect for the group’s bonding time. But let’s not forget that the #BETTERTOGETHER campaign is backed up with a fun and awesome TV ad concept. The song will surely grow on you after watching it during your favorite show’s commercial breaks.


I hope you enjoyed this awesome ad brought to you by McDonalds and Coca Cola. Don’t forget to try out their BFF Bundles next time you hangout with your friends and loveones.


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Brand Wars: Mac vs PC to Samsung vs Apple

As consumers it is very hard to ignore when there are on-going brand wars specially if they are funding ads to showcase it. Two Giant tech companies with almost the same products will be my highlight for this blog post. This is inspired by a recent Samsung Ad I watched  promoting the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. I usually don’t finish an ad unless it has a good copy to start with and this one has. As a young professional I can relate to it but the best part is the surprise in the middle of the ad.

I know I’m watching a Samsung commercial so my first guess is to see their product behind the pencil that’s being highlighted at first. But this is advertising and people need to think out of the box! So what do I see next? An Ipad Air in a Samsung video. That’s really priceless and next is the time for the V.O. to showcase why Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is better than an Ipad Air. I attached the said commercial here so you can enjoy it too.

Wanna know my favorite part behind this ad’s concept? Well let’s just say that it looks really similar with the MAC vs PC ads released last 2006 that also had a lot of followings. Before Apple and Samsung there was a Mac vs PC rivalry. The Internet got big and PC manufacturers is one of the tech business who gained most out of this new technology evolution. Every home and office has a PC use for professional or educational purposes. Then Apple launched their MAC where it’s more compact, bigger memory, not prone to have viruses and to make the long story short a better version of a usual PC. Basically through this Mac vc PC ad they are doing direct comparison with the two said product. Watch one of the Mac vs PC ad below to see the concept comparison.

Well this is just my own opinion about the said two ad campaigns and I may be wrong about it. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to agree with me I guess if I say that both are equally entertaining. Also this type of ad tactics can help the consumers know more a  about the product comparison that may influence their decision making on what to buy. Brand Wars will always be present but let’s all just remember that’s how business works.


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Unique PSA | Dumb Ways to Valentines

Are you aware of this Public Service Announcement in Australia’s Metro? Well if not this is a must see for everyone! I actually first saw this during my first week of stay in Sydney last October 2012 and it’s really hard to ignore. They gave PSA a unique twist by sending a serious message of safety in a very amusing manner. This is a fresh take on the usual seriousness of PSA brings and just showing the literal ways that could happen if you don’t prioritize safety. Also the jingle of Dumb Ways to Die is very appealing and I  caught myself singing it over and over.

Dumb Ways to Valentine

dumb ways to die

This Valentines season, they release this cute greetings for everyone entitled DUMB WAYS TO VALENTINEs. Never fails to make you laugh, even just a little.  I’m a really a fan of this bunch of dumb cuties. So just thought this would be a great Valentines day post to share to everyone.


Also watched the other Dumb Ways to Die version released in their YouTube account.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Also don’t forget to stay safe with your love ones.


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14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

Superbowl is one of the most awaited sports event all over the world but it has been also famous because of all the premiering ads. Advertisers and businesses see this as an opportunity to showcase their awesome ads and gain millions of viewership. But not all can afford a 30 seconder ad placement that cost over $4 Million. So  if you’re going to invest that much amount, might as well make it worth every penny. Well known brands like Doritos, Coke, Microsoft, Toyota, Budweiser are some of the few who taken the challenge in this years Superbowl Advertising placements.

14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

In this post I wanted to share 14 Awesome Superbowl ads this year. Cute, Fun, Heartwarming and out of the box ideas were few of the words that can be use to describe Superbowl 2014 ads.

1. Budweiser, “Puppy Love” | Who wouldn’t find this story about a special friendship cute and heartwarming? ^_^


2. Audi, “Doberhuahua” | This ad from Audi shows an out of the box idea to explain the comparison.


3. Doritos, “Time Machine” | I’ve always loved Doritos Ads every year because of its simple humor that everyone gets.


4. Coca-Cola, “It’s Beautiful” | Now this one raise controversy but I like the concept though.


5. Kia, “The Truth” | Now here’s something you don’t see everyday! Fresh idea from Kia’s advertising team. Good Job!


6. H&M, David Beckham | Well who can resist the charm of this guy!


7. Budweiser, “A Hero’s Welcome” | Another heartwarming ad from Budweiser.


8. Toyota, “Big Game Ad” | I personally find this entertaining and fits it’s target audience.


9. Ford, “Nearly Double” | This one deserves a round of applause!


10. Microsoft, “Empowering Us All” | Great way to showcase technology’s contribution to our society.


11. Volkswagen, “Wings” | A great way to send out their marketing message.


12. Jeep Cherokee, “The Restless Man” | I personally think that this has one of the best copy from the bunch.


13. Axe, “War and Peace” | Now this one offers a surprise twist and the concept is timely.


14. Beats Music, “Super Bowl Ad” | Who doesn’t love Ellen!? The association of Goldilocks and Beats is a pretty cool concept too.


Hope you enjoyed this collection of 2014 Superbowl Ads us much as I did. And feel free to share your favorite too and tell us why you like it. Looking forward to next year’s batch of awesome ads to premiere.



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Awesome Video About Santa Claus | Christmas Demolition

I know that Christmas is over but this video is too awesome for me not to share in my blog. Remember our younger days when we hang our socks near the Christmas tree and in the morning we’re too excited on what has Santa had gave us this Season? Well this is not that type of video. I guess this is more of the aftermath once the kid realized that Santa doesn’t exist and evoked a revengeful feeling towards the big guy. But of course this is all fiction and Santa Claus do exist. 😉

I just find the concept very fresh and funny at the same time. It is definitely out of the box which makes it a good viral video this season. Christmas Demolition  YouTube Video is already a year old but have a good number of views from the fans. As of today it already reached 2,117,262 hits in YouTube and still growing. It is created by Thomas Ridgewell, you can subscribe to his channel at

So sit back and enjoy this hilarious yet epic video. I guess watching this will remind you of The Grinch but of course in the end good guys always wins. Well in this case Santa gets to escaped the bad ass dude.

Naughty or Nice? | Kmart Christmas Commercial 2013 – Show Your Joe Boxer

Kmart newly released viral video got the netizens gushing over this “naughty or nice” concept introducing Joe Boxer’s designs for the holiday season. Featuring six gorgeous male models wearing tuxedo as their top and boxer shorts at the bottom. As they maintain their serious facial expressions while ringing the bells in the tune of a famous Christmas song JINGLE BELLS. I personally think that this is just a harmless humor from its creator giving the Holiday season an extra laugh.

There have been some backlashes towards this new Christmas viral video but I think people just needs to have a little humor sometimes. Looking back on some underwear video advertisements, I find this one harmless. Also people should take in to consideration that the video’s target market is more on the adult age so an extra naughtiness is a must.

But at the end of the day we are all entitled to our own opinion. As any PR personnel will say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Good or bad still at the end of the day people are checking it out. Now here’s a clip of the well known Kmart Christmas Commercial 2013 – Show Your Joe Boxer let me know which side you find it more relevant. Naughty or Nice!?