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Brand Wars: Mac vs PC to Samsung vs Apple

As consumers it is very hard to ignore when there are on-going brand wars specially if they are funding ads to showcase it. Two Giant tech companies with almost the same products will be my highlight for this blog post. This is inspired by a recent Samsung Ad I watched  promoting the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. I usually don’t finish an ad unless it has a good copy to start with and this one has. As a young professional I can relate to it but the best part is the surprise in the middle of the ad.

I know I’m watching a Samsung commercial so my first guess is to see their product behind the pencil that’s being highlighted at first. But this is advertising and people need to think out of the box! So what do I see next? An Ipad Air in a Samsung video. That’s really priceless and next is the time for the V.O. to showcase why Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is better than an Ipad Air. I attached the said commercial here so you can enjoy it too.

Wanna know my favorite part behind this ad’s concept? Well let’s just say that it looks really similar with the MAC vs PC ads released last 2006 that also had a lot of followings. Before Apple and Samsung there was a Mac vs PC rivalry. The Internet got big and PC manufacturers is one of the tech business who gained most out of this new technology evolution. Every home and office has a PC use for professional or educational purposes. Then Apple launched their MAC where it’s more compact, bigger memory, not prone to have viruses and to make the long story short a better version of a usual PC. Basically through this Mac vc PC ad they are doing direct comparison with the two said product. Watch one of the Mac vs PC ad below to see the concept comparison.

Well this is just my own opinion about the said two ad campaigns and I may be wrong about it. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to agree with me I guess if I say that both are equally entertaining. Also this type of ad tactics can help the consumers know more a  about the product comparison that may influence their decision making on what to buy. Brand Wars will always be present but let’s all just remember that’s how business works.


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4 Awesome TV PSA Advertisements

Today is the start of a new year and many things to look forward in the year 2012! Well I want to think that it will be an awesome year of the Dragon. Last year there were many trials that the society encountered, so this is me sending my gratitude for the awesome people who stand by a great cause. I am an advertising student who was taught by my awesome mentors to put values in our ads. Yes, it is true that the basic definition of advertising is that it’s “a creative idea that sells”. But everything is not about the money, some of us have dreams to make an impact in our society.

I am not the best in the field and you probably never heard of me. People may think that my opinion don’t count since I never really got the chance to enter the field of advertising. But at the end of the day I believe that I have a voice and an awesome blog. So this is my top 4 PSA and I’m hoping that you guys would love it too.

1.  Sussex Safer Roads: “Embrace Life/Always Wear Your Seatbelt”

2. Vote Differently

3. Australian campaign called Child Friendly:  ‘Make Your Influence Positive’

4. Indigo | Love of Reading Fund