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Heartwarming “ATM (Automated Thanking Machine” Ad Campaign by TD Canada

One factor for a corporate business to succeed is to have loyal customers that are willing to spread the good words about their great products or awesome services. There are times that business people tends to overlook this important factor of their business success. But TD Canada is one of the few who actually taken a good amount of time to send their warmest gratitude to their valued customers through a heartwarming gesture.

ATM Automated Thanking MAchine TD Canada

Corporate Banks tends to break out from the “cold” image they have from the public’s perception. Investing millions in their marketing efforts, just to make sure that they’ll be able to create more personal relationship with their clients. This is where TD Canada had succeeded by running this “ATM Automate Thanking Machine” campaign. Taking the time to know their customers in a more personal level and using an ATM to interact with them. Giving their valued clients gifts that are appropriate to their needs and personality is a big plus. TD Canada also used the internet as their medium of sharing this awesome experience featuring their chosen clients and pushing the hashtag #TDThanksYou.

ATM Automated Thanking Machine

This only shows that business is not all about money. It’s also important to look back and be grateful of the people who had been part of your success. Also, I personally love companies who spent their marketing money pushing a certain cause or spreading goodness in their community. There is no denying that a little heartwarming gesture can surely go a long way. As of today (July 31, 2014) this “ATM Automated Thanking Machine” YouTube clip had already reached 2,969,409 views after being posted last July 24, 2014. This only shows that promoting kindness and gratitude will never be left unnoticed.


Innovative Eyes on the Road Ad by Volkswagen

We get that constant reminder by public and private organizations about road safety. We tend to ignore the prints, radio and even TV Ads that they produce due to it’s lack of appeal. But Volkswagen tried this innovative ad concept that will show people why they should always have their eyes on the road while driving. A closely similar situation was been showed to a group of movie goers who’s focused in a video clip in a drivers perspective. As they watch the clip, a location based broadcaster was installed in the cinema area sending a message to all movie goers. Everyone checked their phone and was shocked to hear a crashed. This is a very brilliant idea to showcase what will happen in real life if we took our eyes off the road even for a second just to check our phone. You can hear the movie goers reaction when the car crashed in the clip which is in my opinion makes this Eyes on the Road ad by Volkswagen truly innovative and effective.

I personally think that there are various elements that makes an ad works specially if you are pushing for a PSA. First is the simplicity of the concept. Remember that you are not there to explain all the details to your audience so never forget the K.I.S.S. rule in advertising. Second is that it must be relate-able, making the viewers feel that it’s exactly made for them. Lastly is the WOW factor, make them feel refreshed by sending your message in an innovative way. That’s why I really like this PSA from Volkswagen because I find it simple, relate-able and has a WOW factor. So thumbs up to all the brilliant minds behind this awesome ad.

Brand Wars: Mac vs PC to Samsung vs Apple

As consumers it is very hard to ignore when there are on-going brand wars specially if they are funding ads to showcase it. Two Giant tech companies with almost the same products will be my highlight for this blog post. This is inspired by a recent Samsung Ad I watched  promoting the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. I usually don’t finish an ad unless it has a good copy to start with and this one has. As a young professional I can relate to it but the best part is the surprise in the middle of the ad.

I know I’m watching a Samsung commercial so my first guess is to see their product behind the pencil that’s being highlighted at first. But this is advertising and people need to think out of the box! So what do I see next? An Ipad Air in a Samsung video. That’s really priceless and next is the time for the V.O. to showcase why Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is better than an Ipad Air. I attached the said commercial here so you can enjoy it too.

Wanna know my favorite part behind this ad’s concept? Well let’s just say that it looks really similar with the MAC vs PC ads released last 2006 that also had a lot of followings. Before Apple and Samsung there was a Mac vs PC rivalry. The Internet got big and PC manufacturers is one of the tech business who gained most out of this new technology evolution. Every home and office has a PC use for professional or educational purposes. Then Apple launched their MAC where it’s more compact, bigger memory, not prone to have viruses and to make the long story short a better version of a usual PC. Basically through this Mac vc PC ad they are doing direct comparison with the two said product. Watch one of the Mac vs PC ad below to see the concept comparison.

Well this is just my own opinion about the said two ad campaigns and I may be wrong about it. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to agree with me I guess if I say that both are equally entertaining. Also this type of ad tactics can help the consumers know more a  about the product comparison that may influence their decision making on what to buy. Brand Wars will always be present but let’s all just remember that’s how business works.


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14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

Superbowl is one of the most awaited sports event all over the world but it has been also famous because of all the premiering ads. Advertisers and businesses see this as an opportunity to showcase their awesome ads and gain millions of viewership. But not all can afford a 30 seconder ad placement that cost over $4 Million. So  if you’re going to invest that much amount, might as well make it worth every penny. Well known brands like Doritos, Coke, Microsoft, Toyota, Budweiser are some of the few who taken the challenge in this years Superbowl Advertising placements.

14 Awesome Superbowl Ads for 2014

In this post I wanted to share 14 Awesome Superbowl ads this year. Cute, Fun, Heartwarming and out of the box ideas were few of the words that can be use to describe Superbowl 2014 ads.

1. Budweiser, “Puppy Love” | Who wouldn’t find this story about a special friendship cute and heartwarming? ^_^


2. Audi, “Doberhuahua” | This ad from Audi shows an out of the box idea to explain the comparison.


3. Doritos, “Time Machine” | I’ve always loved Doritos Ads every year because of its simple humor that everyone gets.


4. Coca-Cola, “It’s Beautiful” | Now this one raise controversy but I like the concept though.


5. Kia, “The Truth” | Now here’s something you don’t see everyday! Fresh idea from Kia’s advertising team. Good Job!


6. H&M, David Beckham | Well who can resist the charm of this guy!


7. Budweiser, “A Hero’s Welcome” | Another heartwarming ad from Budweiser.


8. Toyota, “Big Game Ad” | I personally find this entertaining and fits it’s target audience.


9. Ford, “Nearly Double” | This one deserves a round of applause!


10. Microsoft, “Empowering Us All” | Great way to showcase technology’s contribution to our society.


11. Volkswagen, “Wings” | A great way to send out their marketing message.


12. Jeep Cherokee, “The Restless Man” | I personally think that this has one of the best copy from the bunch.


13. Axe, “War and Peace” | Now this one offers a surprise twist and the concept is timely.


14. Beats Music, “Super Bowl Ad” | Who doesn’t love Ellen!? The association of Goldilocks and Beats is a pretty cool concept too.


Hope you enjoyed this collection of 2014 Superbowl Ads us much as I did. And feel free to share your favorite too and tell us why you like it. Looking forward to next year’s batch of awesome ads to premiere.



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Steps to Consider on Starting Your First Digital Marketing Campaign

I took a break from the digital world and focus on some domestic tasks. Now that I’m getting ready to get back on board again I was caught in a moment thinking on what steps to consider if I want to host my own digital marketing campaign nowadays? I stood firm with my opinion that every digital campaign should be specifically tailored for the brand or product’s marketing needs and goals. But I guess there can be a basic step by step procedure you can follow when you want to brainstorm on that next big idea for your client’s marketing campaign.  So I decided to make my own list; a guide that can help newbies have a clearer direction on where to start.

Steps to Consider on Starting Your First Digital Marketing Campaign

Steps to Consider on Starting Your First Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Decide on how you want to position your brand online. A good marketer knows their brand persona and able to pin point the best marketing strategy to go for when pushing their brand. This principle still applied to digital marketing, where you must be able to have a clear grasp of who your brand should be.  By then you’ll be able to come up with a goal where your marketing campaign will be tailored from.

2. Do your RESEARCH. A great marketing idea is born out of a strong brand/consumer research. If you want to push your brand marketing online you must be aware on how to effectively approach your target audience. Research on their “online behavior” since each market has different activities when they browse the internet. Find out what website do they visit, during when do they go online, what are the things that can make them open your link/post and etc. This research can help you better decide on the type of tone you’ll use for your marketing campaign and what channels to tap.

3. Finalize on  what type of digital marketing campaign to use. Now that you know your brand and you’ve done your research it should help you decide on what type of digital marketing campaign will work well for your client/brand. Like traditional advertising, Digital Marketing also has a lot of channels and medium to choose from. Blogging, Social Media, Adwords, Online Contest, Viral Marketing and etc. It’s really up to you to decide which of these will work best for your marketing campaign goal. Also you can back up your digital marketing campaign with some traditional advertising for better result. But keep in mind to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) guideline. Great marketing campaign are most of the time the simplest one.

digital marketing

4. Produce a strong promotional plan for your campaignYou’ll want to create a buzz on your launch and also milk your marketing campaign into it’s very last drop. That’s why I personally think that you should plan everything ahead. Many would agree with me when I say that one of the greatest fear of any marketers is to see their campaign fail. That’s why I think Pre-promotion is very important since your client expects high turnover during your campaign launch. Also you should be able to sustained the hype during and after your marketing campaign. A great digital campaign is useless if only few are aware about it.

5. Measure your campaigns success. After everything is said and done your client would want to see if your digital marketing campaign is worth it. Make sure to have a clear list of your marketing goal and analyze if you achieved it after your campaign’s duration. You can use online tools to measure your viral success or produce your own guidelines based on your goals.

After doing your digital marketing campaign make sure to learn from it. Whether if it’s a success or an epic fail the only thing you’ll get out of it is a new experience. I had this employer 4 years ago where he let us conceptualize and run our own digital marketing campaign. During success and failures he always makes sure that we learn something new from that experience to make sure to do better next time. Now I realized how that shaped me and how he invested for his employees to learn on hand.

I’m sure there are other guidelines to follow and I’m open for suggestions too. But right now this is my way of sharing what I’ve learned to all the newbies out there who wants to pursue digital marketing as a profession.

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Loving the New Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad | The best of Sony for the best of you

Don’t we just all love Sony products? Recently I find no interest buying a new smartphone because of the fact that every second there’s a new model out in the market. But Sony Xperia Z1 got me excited with its awesome features. I’ve always wanted to buy a waterproof camera and having it as a phone is pretty cool too. Well besides the facts that this Sony gadget is a breakthrough, I also love its new TV ad.

I have this habit of watching an ad over and over when it appeals to me. This has all the elements of a TV advertisement that makes me feel happy. Combining consumer insights with a simple concept and backing it up with appealing background music and finishing with a strong copy. It only shows that simplicity and strong consumer insights are still the best formula to make people remember your ad.

Loving the New Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad | The best of Sony for the best of you

I personally think that this ad is timeless and represents how smartphones fit our generation today. Emphasizing how we love to capture special moments with a high-tech camera and it would be really nice if there are no boundaries to it. (This goes for the waterproof and dust proof features.) We also want our phone to be more mobile since we are always on the go. Being able to browse the internet without hassle and listening to our favorite music with high quality sounds. Now I bet this made you feel excited too right!? And the best part is that you are assured with the quality of the product because it is under Sony. We all know that when it comes to high quality gadgets and electronics you’ll never go wrong with Sony.

Well enough about me and my opinion about this Sony Xperia Z1 TV ad, check it out yourself by watching the attached video. Also visit your local electronic store and check out this new awesome smartphone in the market. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below about the ad and the new Sony Xperia Z1.

Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

One late afternoon, a co-worker of mine shared a P&G video giving honor to the entire mom’s out there. Showing that behind every champion is a mother who raised them and believed in their dreams. This actually hit closely to my heart being in my situation right now. I remember the feeling of being a kid who aimed to make her mother proud. In some point in our lives there are those moments that the opinions that matter the most are from your parents. That’s why seeing this video reminded me the dream that I never got to achieved.

Heartwarming Video Advertisement | P&G Ad: Proud

During my college years I was mentored to produce commercials that will hit home to the audience. As my awesome professor always say “when your target consumer saw your material you must make sure that it may seems like that the ad is talking to them”. By doing that, you’ll get more chance to make them listen to your marketing message. By that moment, it made me realize why taking up advertising is not a mistake. I did excel in my school years then and dreamed that someday to conceptualize an ad that will touch the heart of many. That’s why seeing this heartwarming Video Ad from P&G made me smile because even when I was not given the chance to pursue my dream in advertising, there are those people who’s making a part of it come true.

Being a Letranite who finished advertising, values will always be an important factor for me. I know that advertising’s main objective is to produce more sales for the brand but it doesn’t mean that it should be tasteless. P&G is one of those companies who in my opinion always went for the high road and produced ads that actually hits home. Taking in a simple consumer insight and creating a big idea out of it. Always sticking to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rules and never taking off the class in it.

This is my way of paying tribute for brands like P&G who never fails to promote values and taste in all their advertisements. Also my salute for the advertising people who are an existing proof that our field is not all based on lies as some people perceived. Part of me will always want to be belong in this group of outstanding individuals. Because I know in my heart that advertising can promote good values to our society and contribute in making a better world. Now I’m sounding too pageantry, but this is just the passionate advertising graduate talking inside me. Attached below is the copy of the video that I was talking about, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

2013 Superbowl Ads | Budweiser Black Crown: Celebration

Superbowl Ads are famous to in the field of advertising due to the fact that it is an awaited event for most people in the industry. Since the whole world has it’s eyes focus to this event this is a great place to target a wide range of audience in a short span of time. Also this is known to be one of the most expensive event to place an ad so the material should better be worth it.

From out of the box ideas to fun and sassy that’s what you’ll expect in this event. The ad that will be remembered the most will surely create a viral marketing effect through the internet. So I decided to run this whole week some of the ads that was launch in this year’s Superbowl event. Starting it out with a simple yet with an angst commercial from Budweiser Black Crown entitled “Celebration”.

“The loud, the savvy, the famous. It took all of us to taste and choose the new Budweiser Black Crown. Our kind of beer. A golden amber lager to match our night. The smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.”

Song: Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John

Aired in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, air date Sunday February 3, 2013. (source)

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA

Budweiser showing their serious side through this ad where they launch a new product under their well know brand. Showing how Budweiser Black Crown fit in to the market. Targeting sassy people and encouraging them with the lifestyle of beer drinking. This commercial shows that Budweiser can also fit in with the classy type of target audience and showing off it’s angst through the color of black.

I personally think that targeting an upscale market is a pretty great move for this brand. Because tapping an audience where scotch, cocktails and wine as their go to drink in a party shows that it’s a great position to promote beer drinking. Being  a famous beer brand gives the product an edge when it come to quality and taste. Also my most favorite aspect from this ad is the rocks star vibe that was translated trough it. You can see that they are targeting the strong, classy and sophisticated men/women out there. People in the upscale community who are not afraid to try something different and choosing a drink that is not  the usual choice for that kind of scene. Also the black feel in it makes it look tasteful, sophisticated yet with strong persona.

Dove Real Beauty Sketch Viral Campaign

Dove has been known to push the advocacy of strengthening women all over the world. In my personal point of view they are one of the few brands who always makes sure to include a heart in all their ad campaigns.

In the fast pace world of marketing and advertising it’s so easy to have a commercialized mindset. Creating fashion trends and pushing it to the market though millions of dollars. Yes! I remember with all my heart the basic definition of advertising. It is a creative idea that SELLS but I was thought by my college mentors to also put VALUES into it. Having the opportunity to communicate to millions of people who gets exposed to ads in a daily basis gives power to the people behind those materials.  I remember 7 years ago when I was asked, “Why Advertising?”  I stupidly replied “because I enjoy the idea that you can manipulate the mindset of the people.” But when I graduated, it was tattooed in my mind and heart that advertising should push to inspire people in doing something positive for their community. It made me dream then to create an ad that has a heart and people will remember. That’s why even I’m feeling tired and caught up with work I can’t ignore this beautiful ad campaign by Dove. Something I personally wish to create someday.

This wonderful ad is backed up with a simple yet strong consumer insight. Focusing in the idea that woman has insecurities and most of the time they can’t see their real beauty. That’s why billions of dollars are earned by big companies that are in line with beauty products, clothing and etc. Because of the simple concept that woman needs to look beautiful as the standard set by the society to feel complete and accepted.

But I hope all the ladies out there get enlightened after watching this Dove Ad entitled “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”. Using the words of Dove in describing this brilliant concept: “Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see. And don’t forget: YOU are more beautiful than you think!” source


Melinda on Dove Real Beauty Sketches: 26 year old woman explains how the support that women can give each other is really important and transformative. source


Kela on Dove Real Beauty Sketches: 40 year old mother explains how the Dove Real Beauty Sketches social experiment was nerve wracking but exciting at the same time. And how it is magical to see someone that knows they’re wonderful and beautiful. source


Florence on Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Florence explains how her choices in life reflect on her self-esteem. She makes the revelation that she has a toolbox of nice thoughts that help her feel good about her authentic self. source


dove real beauty sketch


Know more about Dove Real Beauty sketch by visiting their site:


Advertising Genius | Opel Corsa Campaign

Advertising geniuses was conceive through strong consumer insight, strong marketing plan and an out of the box ideas. Being a advertising employee is actually a dream career for most but only few had the chance to actually be in it. There are a lot of creative minds out there but what separates them with the advertising geniuses is the ability to balance creativity with the product’s need. It’s never easy to tame a creative mind but once done it results into meaningful advertisements. That is how I personally view the Opel Corsa Campaign from Gitam BBDO, Israel. They explain through this video how the whole process was initiate and it’s impact to the company sales of the featured Opel Corsa.

Basically this is a good example where a creative person learned how to listen to their clients campaign objective. Then proper brainstorming time where they put in some web of ideas that revolves around consumer insight and how they can produce a big idea that meets the requirement. That’s where the advertising genius come up with a simple solution. Since Opel Corsa wants a new name for their next models that will fit the young demographics, why not just name it after the owner. Putting in an extra appeal and creating a new vibe in the automotive industry.

Now watch this video that explains the brainstorming process behind this campaign. Opel Corsa: The first car model named after its owner from Gitam BBDO, Israel.

Advertising Agency: Gitam BBDO, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Shani Gershi
Creative Directors: Karmel AbuzlafSagi Blumberg
Art Director: Eitan Cohen
Copywriter: Arnon Rotem
Creative Planning Manager: Ran Allon
Executive Digital manager: Guy Poreh
Digital Client Manager: Amit Gurevich
Digital Studio manager: Karin Mazor
Digital Designer: Hezi Yosef
Flash Programmers: Roman RozanovIlya Phatelevich
Executive Client Manager: Elika Merhavi
Client Manager: Yonatan Regev
Client Executive: Odelya Stern
Executive Planning Manager: Noa Shelach-Sobol
Planning Manager: Lili Aharon
Planner: Amir Biran
Agency Production Manager: Noga Sagi
Agency Producer: Tali SassonYarden Bitton
Studio Manager: Shlomi Bar
Photoshop Artists: Alex Melik-Adamov, Ariel Vitkon
Studio Designers: Einat VainstockSima Ben-Haim


I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to comment below about it. If your one of the owner of this fabulous car, please share to us how this type of approach influence you buying decision. It really helps to get feedback from your readers and specially from consumers. Well I wish you all a great day and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

opel corsa car brand