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McDonalds and Coca Cola #BETTERTOGETHER Ad Campaign

McDonald’s Philippines together with Coca-Cola recently launched a new ad campaign promoting real life connection between family, loveones and friends. As we all know Social Media has been a very important factor in everyone’s life nowadays regardless if you’re young or old. It has been a platform for people to stay connected to one another and get the latest updates in each other’s life. But let’s not forget the importance of being actually together with your family, friends and loveones. That  feeling you get when you hear a good laugh over a silly joke, take wacky photos and to be able to feel one’s presence through simple gestures. Though this is an era where internet and social media had been dominant, let’s not forgot the classic hangouts.

So this is why I super love the concept of the #BETTERTOGETHER ad campaign from McDonalds and Coca Cola because they manage to promote this classic value of real life connection using the concept of social media. Even their launch was very innovative and appealing. Using props and icons from our favorite social networks and transforming it to actual life size props.

Here are some photos I grabbed from McDonalds Philippines Facebook Page on their #BETTERTOGETHER launch.

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And ofcourse with this ad campaign comes a new awesome food bundles to order from our favorite fast-food chain McDonalds. Introducing three BFF Bundles that includes all our favorites; choose between the BFF Burger Bundles, BFF Fries and Coke Float Combo and BFF Chicken Bundles. It’s hard not to love this new food bundles perfect for the group’s bonding time. But let’s not forget that the #BETTERTOGETHER campaign is backed up with a fun and awesome TV ad concept. The song will surely grow on you after watching it during your favorite show’s commercial breaks.


I hope you enjoyed this awesome ad brought to you by McDonalds and Coca Cola. Don’t forget to try out their BFF Bundles next time you hangout with your friends and loveones.


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Coca Cola New Ad Campaign Against Obesity

Coca Cola isa well known cold beverage brand in the market started 2013 by launching an ad campaign against obesity in the United States. It created a buzz in the media world since soda beverages are one of the leading cause of Obesity with it’s cholesterol and sugars per serving. So it was not surprising for some people to call this campaign as a gimik to advertise and use a certain cause.

Coca Cola Against Obesity

Coca Cola are famous as one of the biggest advertising brand in the market through their worldwide success and a large variety of beverage products. When this brand release a new ad all head will turn to see what new big idea will they push to the market.  Coca Cola’s brand persona is fun, active to their community, family oriented, good friend to hang out with and a established name that consumers trust dearly. I was not really surprised to see this new campaign by them and as always they are really keen into details. For sure they know that they will make some eyebrows raise that’s why they make sure to present the idea clearly. They are not washing their hand by saying that Coke is cholesterol and sugar free. But rather they say that they are pushing to make sure that people can enjoy Coke without worrying about it’s negative side effects. Investing good amount of money to come up with healthy sources of sweetener and creating small servings to limit the soda intake. Also as presented they also have other beverages under the same company that are fruit juices for consumer’s healthier option. For me this is not another Gimik, this is their way of addressing concerns coming from consumer insight. Products are effective and will continuously grow when they address their market needs. Coca Cola knows that people are being more health conscious now and they just showed that they are not going against it. Rather they’re updating their products to answer the market’s demand.

Check out this video explaining more about the new Coca Cola campaign against obesity and be the judge of it. Expect numerous materials to be release regarding this ad campaign through out the whole year. Also you can visit their site: COMING TOGETHER

Coca Cola Kasama Ka TV Ad (Showing Filipino Values Through Advertisements)

Filipino values is a one good foundation for a powerful ad campaign. It taps the heart and soul of every Filipino and reminding everyone that we should all be proud to relive the good values that was taught to us by our elders. One good example for this type of ad is the “Kasama Ka”  TV ad campaign by Coca Cola that was released last 2004, it launched the career of the Filipina actress/TV host Nikki Gil in to stardom.

This 1 minuter TV advertisement by Coca Cola, features a young girl (Nikki Gil) singing a song while walking in the busy streets of Manila and handing out a  bottle of Coke to different passer by.  Together with the bottle of Coke is a smile in that girl’s face while sharing her optimism to her co-Filipino people through a song. This TV ad shows the side of the people here in the Philippines being naturally caring and loves to share their blessing to fellow Filipinos. It’s the simple act of kindness and optimism that set us apart from others. Remembering the time when we experienced Typhoon Ondoy where most of the streets and community were flooded. Only Filipino can smile after a disaster, extending a loving and helping hand to their neighbors. That’s a big part of the reason why I can say I’m proud to be a Filipino.

Video source

“Kasama Ka”

by: Nikki Gil

Sana’y masabi sa awit kong ito
Lahat ng ninanais nitong puso ko
Sana saan man patungo sa buhay
May pag-ibig, may pag-asa, may saya at saysay

Sana sa bawat sandali’y matikman pa
Sarap ng pagsasama,at simpleng ligaya
Sana bawa’t araw laging may saya
Laging may ngiti, laging kasama ka

[Sana] Kasama ka sa saya ng buhay
Kasama ka’t kahawak ang kamay
At sa bawat himig, sana marinig mo
[Pag magkasama] isang awit ng puso

Sana sa bawat sandali’y matikman pa
Sarap ng pagsasama,at simpleng ligaya
Tara na, sakyan lang, malay mo
Andiyan lang, andiyan lang ang hinahanap mo
Andiyan lang, andiyan lang ang hinahanap mo.

Coca-Cola Print Ads (Old and New)

Coca-Cola ads has a long line of print Ads in their advertising campaigns. It is so nice to see the transition of their ads. It only shows how big of a deal the culture of the generation changes the theme of the campaigns. So thumbs up to Coke for using insight in every ads that they made.