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McDonalds and Coca Cola #BETTERTOGETHER Ad Campaign

McDonald’s Philippines together with Coca-Cola recently launched a new ad campaign promoting real life connection between family, loveones and friends. As we all know Social Media has been a very important factor in everyone’s life nowadays regardless if you’re young or old. It has been a platform for people to stay connected to one another and get the latest updates in each other’s life. But let’s not forget the importance of being actually together with your family, friends and loveones. That  feeling you get when you hear a good laugh over a silly joke, take wacky photos and to be able to feel one’s presence through simple gestures. Though this is an era where internet and social media had been dominant, let’s not forgot the classic hangouts.

So this is why I super love the concept of the #BETTERTOGETHER ad campaign from McDonalds and Coca Cola because they manage to promote this classic value of real life connection using the concept of social media. Even their launch was very innovative and appealing. Using props and icons from our favorite social networks and transforming it to actual life size props.

Here are some photos I grabbed from McDonalds Philippines Facebook Page on their #BETTERTOGETHER launch.

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And ofcourse with this ad campaign comes a new awesome food bundles to order from our favorite fast-food chain McDonalds. Introducing three BFF Bundles that includes all our favorites; choose between the BFF Burger Bundles, BFF Fries and Coke Float Combo and BFF Chicken Bundles. It’s hard not to love this new food bundles perfect for the group’s bonding time. But let’s not forget that the #BETTERTOGETHER campaign is backed up with a fun and awesome TV ad concept. The song will surely grow on you after watching it during your favorite show’s commercial breaks.


I hope you enjoyed this awesome ad brought to you by McDonalds and Coca Cola. Don’t forget to try out their BFF Bundles next time you hangout with your friends and loveones.


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McDonalds Philipipines TV AD Entitled “Lolo” (grandfather)

This is a personal favorite of mine and I would like to believe that also a favorite by many Filipinos out there who have met Karen and her Lolo. The McDonalds 45 seconder TV ad entitled “Lolo” (grandfather) was made last Oct., 2010 by Leo Burnett Ad Agency. This is a story of a teenage girl named Karen who’s having a bonding time with her Lolo at McDonalds by eating a Mcburger. But her Lolo keep on calling her Gina all the time due to his Alzheimer and Karen just showed trough her gestures how disappointed she was. Then the heart warming twist happened where Lolo starts to cut the burger in half while saying his line “… eto para sa paborito kong apo, si Karen.” That line made the Philippines said Ahhh…., that scene made them want to see this TV ad again. Karen just gave a smile in the last frame of the TV Ad while a little McDonald Logo flashes in the side for a few seconds.

So without any bias, why do I think this is a good and insightful advertisement? Well, because this has pure Filipino values all over it. I don’t have a clear idea what would be the root of this concept, but let me try to guess here. Maybe the objective of this marketing campaign is to promote Filipino values using McBurger. So they start listing different Filipino values and there are really a lot of them to choose from. Then they  finally decided to go for the Respect for the Elders and Family Ties. (Brilliant move I must say) So now the next thing they researched is what’s with the old people? and one brilliant guy/girl suggested Alzheimer disease. (Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia. ) This disease is not yet well understand and a very common trend to most Filipino families. I for one had witnessed this when my grandmother was suffering from this dementia and I tell you its very heart wrecking. But I think this was the special element that really gave this TV ad a heart.  Because base on my personal experience, it’s true that a person with Alzheimer remember the person that they love the most. So while Karen thought that her Lolo forgot her already, then again she’s still the person that he seems to never forget. Remember that the process that I’ve just said was just my wild guess, but I hope I did this Ad justice. This TV Ad is really worth remembering, very beautiful Insight.

McDonalds TV Ad "Lolo"

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