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Innovative Machine that Feed Dogs on the Street of Turkey

Here’s an innovative machine that is worthy of the saying “Just like hitting two birds with one stone.” A company from Turkey named Pugedon came up with an awesome idea that push two cause in one single concept. We have been taught by our government and other environmentalist to start recycling for the good of our mother earth. But Pugedon gives us another reason to recycle by allowing us to donate food to stray dogs. The idea is really simple, you need to donate plastic bottles and in exchange for that is an amount of food that will go straight to the pet bowl below the machine.

Dog Feeding Machine by Pugedon

Dog Feeding Machine

I imagine most of us had a dog in our home even once in our life. We all call them “Man’s Best friend”, that’s why I think this is a great motivation for anyone to support this idea. Why throw away your old plastic bottles if you can help a loving dog have a decent meal. Homeless dogs are an issue all over the world and they continue to grow. There are some public and private organizations that help decrease its number but it is a great challenge to put a roof over all the stray dogs head due to limited financial support.  So the next best thing is to help create a buzz for this Machine that helps feed homeless dogs. Even people with low income that passionately love animals can help out just by recycling their used plastic bottles.

Currently their campaign video has been wide spread in social media creating more awareness for this great cause. They also get free publicity by being part of the news online and local media. Here’s the video that introduces the dog feeding machine manufactured by Pugedon.

I hope that some big brands can support this cause and purchase a machine for it to be available worldwide. Promoting a habit of recycling and educating the public the value of being compassionate to animals.