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Innovative Eyes on the Road Ad by Volkswagen

We get that constant reminder by public and private organizations about road safety. We tend to ignore the prints, radio and even TV Ads that they produce due to it’s lack of appeal. But Volkswagen tried this innovative ad concept that will show people why they should always have their eyes on the road while driving. A closely similar situation was been showed to a group of movie goers who’s focused in a video clip in a drivers perspective. As they watch the clip, a location based broadcaster was installed in the cinema area sending a message to all movie goers. Everyone checked their phone and was shocked to hear a crashed. This is a very brilliant idea to showcase what will happen in real life if we took our eyes off the road even for a second just to check our phone. You can hear the movie goers reaction when the car crashed in the clip which is in my opinion makes this Eyes on the Road ad by Volkswagen truly innovative and effective.

I personally think that there are various elements that makes an ad works specially if you are pushing for a PSA. First is the simplicity of the concept. Remember that you are not there to explain all the details to your audience so never forget the K.I.S.S. rule in advertising. Second is that it must be relate-able, making the viewers feel that it’s exactly made for them. Lastly is the WOW factor, make them feel refreshed by sending your message in an innovative way. That’s why I really like this PSA from Volkswagen because I find it simple, relate-able and has a WOW factor. So thumbs up to all the brilliant minds behind this awesome ad.


Unique PSA | Dumb Ways to Valentines

Are you aware of this Public Service Announcement in Australia’s Metro? Well if not this is a must see for everyone! I actually first saw this during my first week of stay in Sydney last October 2012 and it’s really hard to ignore. They gave PSA a unique twist by sending a serious message of safety in a very amusing manner. This is a fresh take on the usual seriousness of PSA brings and just showing the literal ways that could happen if you don’t prioritize safety. Also the jingle of Dumb Ways to Die is very appealing and I  caught myself singing it over and over.

Dumb Ways to Valentine

dumb ways to die

This Valentines season, they release this cute greetings for everyone entitled DUMB WAYS TO VALENTINEs. Never fails to make you laugh, even just a little.  I’m a really a fan of this bunch of dumb cuties. So just thought this would be a great Valentines day post to share to everyone.


Also watched the other Dumb Ways to Die version released in their YouTube account.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Also don’t forget to stay safe with your love ones.


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Dumb Ways to Die Campaign by Metro Trains Australia

Dying is a serious and sensitive topic in our society. That is why leave it to McCann Australia to present it in a new and refreshing way. Metro Trains Australia launched a campaign towards the public regarding safety. The ad campaign is presented through the medium of video with animated characters showing ways on how to die dumb. Yes! this is refreshing and with a very cool title “Dumb Ways to Die and backed up with a very amusing song.

This Ad is certainly out of the box and at the same time straight forward in delivering their message to the public. People should choose to be smart and practice safety on the road or even in their daily life actions. So let’s all have fun watching this awesome video by Metro Trains from the bright minds of McCann Australia.

9 Out of the Box and Controversial Print PSA

We always here this statement: “Think out of the box!”  whenever creative people come together to conceptualize. Thinking differently from the usual gives any creative material an extra twist. There are already thousand of ads released around the world and only few really made an impact to our society.  Advertising is a powerful medium that can help influence and promote values through creative concepts. Thinking out of the box can  also mean pushing some controversial ideas to prove a point.

Here’s a collection of out of the box ideas that also falls in the controversial category  for a Print PSA  campaign.  Let’s see how far ad agencies had think creatively for controversial issues in our society.

1. Aids Awareness Campaign: Straight

Aids Awareness Campaign: Straight

Client: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH Switzerland
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Switzerland

2. Aids Awareness Campaign: Family

Aids Awareness Campaign: Family

Client: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH Switzerland
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Switzerland

3.  TMF Live Now Campaign : Amy

TMF:  Amy

Advertising Agency: Mortierbrigade, Belgium

4. Vergessen ist ansteckend Campaign :  Tub

Vergessen ist ansteckend: Tub

Adversiting Agency: Etwas Neues entsteht (Berlin)

Vergessen ist ansteckend means :  “Forgetting is contagious”

5.  Vergessen ist ansteckend Campaign: Office

Vergessen ist ansteckend “Forgetting is contagious”  Print Campaign: Office

Adversiting Agency: Etwas Neues entsteht (Berlin)

Vergessen ist ansteckend means :  “Forgetting is contagious”

6.  Amnesty International Campaign: Snow White

Amnesty International: Snow White

Advertising Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile

7.  WWF Campaign: Blood

WWF Campaign: Blood

Advertising Agency: LOWE GGK, Warsaw, Poland

8. Shared Responsibility: Kidnapping

Shared Responsibility: Kidnapping

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3, Bogotá, Colombia

9. Multiple Sclerosis Australia: Use By Dates

Use by Dates

Advertising Agency: Cummins & Partners, Melbourne, Australia

4 Awesome TV PSA Advertisements

Today is the start of a new year and many things to look forward in the year 2012! Well I want to think that it will be an awesome year of the Dragon. Last year there were many trials that the society encountered, so this is me sending my gratitude for the awesome people who stand by a great cause. I am an advertising student who was taught by my awesome mentors to put values in our ads. Yes, it is true that the basic definition of advertising is that it’s “a creative idea that sells”. But everything is not about the money, some of us have dreams to make an impact in our society.

I am not the best in the field and you probably never heard of me. People may think that my opinion don’t count since I never really got the chance to enter the field of advertising. But at the end of the day I believe that I have a voice and an awesome blog. So this is my top 4 PSA and I’m hoping that you guys would love it too.

1.  Sussex Safer Roads: “Embrace Life/Always Wear Your Seatbelt”

2. Vote Differently

3. Australian campaign called Child Friendly:  ‘Make Your Influence Positive’

4. Indigo | Love of Reading Fund